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Disposal Repair Experts in McKinney, TX

Disposal Repair Experts in McKinney, TX

Homeowners often take their garbage disposal for granted, putting items in it for grinding that they should not. You may not be aware, but bacon grease, potato peels, rice, and coffee grounds are all food items you should never attempt to put down the disposal. If you have been doing so, and are now seeing issues with your disposal’s performance, you should not attempt to clear it yourself. Reaching your hand inside a clogged up disposal can be very dangerous, so it’s best left to the professionals. Appliance Pros has been providing these services to your friends and neighbors around McKinney for many years. Find out why they recommend us so often!

Don’t go another day with a broken sink disposal! Our experts will do their best to repair it quickly and under budget. It’s often best not to wait until your disposal is fully blocked to have it looked at though. Since we’re equipped to catch problems in their early stages, preventive maintenance from Appliance Pros means preventing a total breakdown at the worst possible time, like a holiday dinner with family. Whether we are repairing a broken disposal, performing preventative maintenance, or installing upgraded new appliances, our pledge to you is that we will always offer the best service and reliability, at the most affordable rates.

You can trust our professional opinion on your broken appliances. Remember, your disposal wasn’t designed to last forever, but you can keep it running smoothly for longer if you allow us to perform proper maintenance and make any needed repairs as they arise. If a time does come that it is unavoidable you need a new disposal, we will always work with you to have it replaced at a price you can afford. Contact us today by calling (214) 856-3509 or emailing

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